Microfiber Cleaning Cloth - 12x12 inches

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Pack of 12
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Dan River's microfiber cleaning cloths from the home essential collection are made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. The cleaning washcloths are designed to offer you an unmatched cleaning performance. Dan River microfiber cleaning cloths are the perfect cleaning partner to have around the house for indoor and outdoor cleaning jobs. Our 12x12-inch microfiber cleaning towels come in 2 sizes, the bulk pack of 24 clothes and a pack of 12, catering to your different cleaning needs. The reusable, eco-friendly cleaning towels are ideal for all cleaning needs. From cleaning the kitchen counter and furniture around the house to washing your car or working in the garage, these versatile cleaning rags come in handy at all times. The premium quality microfiber towels are soft, and absorbent, and ensure your house is fresh and clean. Microfiber towels come in different single-colored and multi-colored options so that your home looks as good as it's clean.

Care Instructions:
1. Wash your towels before first use. Machine wash cold with like colors or wash them separately becuase deep colors may bleed.    
2. Use non-chlorine bleach when needed. Use of bleach and fabric softeners may discolor and decrease the life of your towels.    
3. Tumble dry on low settings for the best experience and high durability of your towels.    
4. Do not iron and over-dry the towels, it may destroy the integrity of the cotton fibers. 

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